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GForce Minimonsta2
GForce Minimonsta2 v1.0.2
This is a virtual instrument plug-in that emulates the classic Minimoog synthesizer. It is designed for music producers and sound designers who want to recreate the iconic analog sounds of the 70s in ...
155.92 MB
Pulsar Modular P11 Abyss
Pulsar Modular P11 Abyss v1.2.2
This is the cleanest of mastering compressors or super dirty to compete against the best color compressors. It is physically imposed rules and constraints completely aside, allowing it to exhibit any ...
36.23 MB
GForce Oddity3
GForce Oddity3 1.0.2
The original Oddity, along with its successor Oddity2, gained heavy praise from fans and critics alike for incredible accuracy and, in the case of Oddity2, a vast range of additions taking the legenda ...
71.23 MB
HoRNet VHS v1.1.0
This virtual plugin for macOS emulates the sound of vintage VHS tapes. This plugin brings your digital music productions warmth, saturation, and character. Whether you are producing electronic music, ...
86.08 MB
Sonible SmartEQ3
Sonible SmartEQ3 v1.2.3
It is a powerful equalization tool for music production that offers advanced features and intuitive controls. This state-of-the-art software is designed for Mac users and optimized for the latest vers ...
632.28 MB
Native Instruments Kontakt7
Native Instruments Kontakt7 v7.3.0
Native Instruments Kontakt (known as Kontakt) is the world's leading and most powerful sampler for computer-based music and DJing production. Kontakt works in standalone software and plug-in compatibl ...
808.95 MB
NCH Switch Plus
NCH Switch Plus 11.12 (German Edition)
This application is one of the most stable, easy-to-use, and comprehensive multi-format audio file converters. It is one of the best audio file converters on the market for lightning-fast, quality con ...
4.41 MB
Yate 6.15
It was created for folks who want total control over their tagging. The software was built specifically for Mac users and included its tagging library. MP3 (including mp2), m4a (AAC, ALAC), mp4 (AAC, ...
16.07 MB
Boz Digital Labs ReCoil
Boz Digital Labs ReCoil v1.0.5
Spring reverbs have always had a bit of a sketchy reputation in the music world. They are untweakable, noisy, physically delicate, and make clanky sounds when you kick your guitar amp. It is designed ...
91.56 MB
It is a professional DJ software for the MAC, allowing you to go beyond simple DJing. The most versatile do-it-all DJ software lets you mix music and music videos and intuitively host precise karaoke. ...
284.47 MB
Arturia MiniFreak V
Arturia MiniFreak V v1.0.1
It is a polyphonic hybrid keyboard that unites dual digital sound engines with analog filters, playful modulation, automatic sequencing, and rich stereo effects for immediately curious, beautiful, and ...
358.39 MB
Overloud Gem Dopamine
Overloud Gem Dopamine 1.1.8
Guitarists and bass players have long sought a way to capture the sound of their favorite amplifiers in the studio or at home. It is a game-changing solution that offers an extensive library of amp si ...
125.69 MB