Backup & Recovery

Syncovery Premium
Syncovery Premium
With Syncovery Pro Enterprise / Premium, you can set up as many different jobs as you need and run them manually or using the scheduler. Syncovery works with local hard drives, network drives, and any ...
48.38 MB
Fevosoft Beyond Sync
Fevosoft Beyond Sync
With this tool, you can bid farewell to the hassle of manual file transfers and the risk of outdated information. This innovative software ensures that your files are always synchronized across your d ...
7.70 MB
ASCOMP Registry Backup Professional
ASCOMP Registry Backup Professional 2.004
It offers an automated solution for backing up your registry, ensuring you never lose critical program settings again. Whether you're a novice or an experienced user, this software provides a user-fri ...
3.26 MB
Genie Backup Manager
Genie Backup Manager 9.0.567.891 Professional / Server
Genie Backup Manager Pro is the ideal backup solution for small and medium businesses that want to back up and recover their entire system. With Genie Backup Manager Pro, you’re protected against da ...
28.83 MB
TurboBackup 9.2
TurboBackup is the all-in-one go-to solution with the option to create multiple backups of shared documents to more than one destination in one operation. It also offers the ability to back up and ret ...
7.11 MB
McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint
McAfee Data Loss Prevention Endpoint
Extend your data security. Monitor and address day-to-day risky actions such as emailing, web posting, printing, clipboards, screen captures, device control, uploading to the cloud, and more. Integ ...
223.07 MB
ilike iTunes Backup Extractor Free Edition
ilike iTunes Backup Extractor Free Edition
Accidentally deleted something important on your iPhone? Lost or broken your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch? iTunes Backup Extractor Free Edition can automatically detect any iPhone/iPad/iPad backup files on ...
17.68 MB
Raxco InstantRescue
Raxco InstantRescue
Most users have experienced, at one time or another, their system no longer booting after installing an application or updating Windows. They’ve also experienced the pain in trying to rebuild their ...
8.27 MB
Simple Firefox Backup
Simple Firefox Backup 1.2
Every browser comes a new user profile where all of your favorites, page/search histories, addons, cookies, preferences and other settings are stored.Any computer user always runs the risk of losing h ...
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IvyBackup Pro
IvyBackup Pro 3.2.0 Rev 40100
Optimized for low memory and processor resource consumption. IvyBackup won't slow your computer down.User FriendlyUser Friendly. Use IvyBackup's simple to use interface to stay organized and manage yo ...
21.26 MB
Infonautics Live File Backup
Infonautics Live File Backup 2.45
This program is a real-time backup software for Windows. Automatic file backup software for continuous data protection in the background between regular system backups. Have you ever experienced mi ...
4.56 MB
Cocosenor Backup Tuner
Cocosenor Backup Tuner + WinPE ISO
This is an easy-to-use system and partition backup software which can help users to copy, backup and restore an entire partition, even the whole Windows operation system. You can also clone disk to an ...
40.60 MB