Hard Disk Tools

WD Drive Utilities
WD Drive Utilities
This installer contains the WD Utilities and the Security zip files and installs custom Western Digital software for WD USB and FireWire enabled external hard drives under Macintosh computers.
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Hard Disk Sentinel Pro
Hard Disk Sentinel Pro 6.01.2
Hard Disk Sentinel Pro (also known as HDD Sentinel) is an advanced and effective disk monitoring and analysis software to prevent disk corruption and data loss. It allows you to monitor and display de...
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Parted Magic
Parted Magic 2022.3.28
Parted Magic is a commercial Linux distribution with disk partitioning and data recovery tools sold as a Linux-based bootable disk. The distribution labels are derived from the GNU Parted and Partitio...
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DiskGenius Professional
DiskGenius Professional
DiskGenius (formerly known as PartitionGuru) is a powerful, easy-to-understand partition management solution. DiskGenius helps you recover files with any reason, including deleted data, formatted part...
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MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro
MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro 12.6
The strongest program in an undisputed field may disagree with some, but from my experience it has proven to me that it is truly indisputable, as it is characterized by ease and accuracy, so dealing w...
27.43 MB
Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2022
Abelssoft SSD Fresh Plus 2022 v11.07
With the application, you will be able to configure your computer like the experts do, customize the look and feel of your operating system, and speed up your programs using the application's turbo hi...
3.99 MB
Samsung SSD Magician
Samsung SSD Magician
Samsung SSD Magician software facilitates easy maintenance and use of Samsung SSD products connected to desktop or laptop computer. In addition to providing information about the user's system and ...
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HDAT2 7.4
IT is an all-in-one program that lets you test or diagnostics of ATA/ATAPI/SATA, SSD, and SCSI/USB devices. It will not execute in a DOS session under Windows. You should make a DOS boot floppy dis...
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MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Deluxe
MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro Deluxe 12.6 Pro Deluxe
This program is rich-featured partition magic, which is designed to optimize disk usage and protect your data. It comes with so many powerful features with which you can completely control your hard d...
27.43 MB
SoftPerfect RAM Disk
SoftPerfect RAM Disk 4.3
This program is a high-performance RAM disk program designed to help you have a disk on your computer entirely stored in the memory. The memory is much faster than physical hard disks, and it makes...
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EaseUS Partition Master
EaseUS Partition Master 16.5 + WinPE ISO
With EaseUS Partition Master Technician Edition / WinPE Edition you can easily create and modify partitions with this disk partitioning software. The quick partitioning capabilities allow you to resiz...
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Clear Disk Info
Clear Disk Info 2.3.1
This is a statistics and health information utility for storage devices such as SSD, HDD and FLASH drives. This tools supports S.M.A.R.T. monitoring, NvmE health log and USB connected devices.
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