Graphics & Design

IDimager Photo Supreme
IDimager Photo Supreme 2024.1.1.6434
Photo Supreme will help you with deep text searches, tag searches, duplicate detection, similarity detection, dynamic search combinations, and advanced filtering when looking for that one image. Photo ...
119.88 MB
Fotor for Windows
Fotor for Windows 4.7.6
Photo software has the components of an image editing application and adding great effects and it also has a web version, but if you want to download a photo program on the computer and get a greater ...
774.39 MB
Perfectly Clear WorkBench
Perfectly Clear WorkBench
Perfectly Clear is the latest version of the program, which also comes as a plug-in for Photoshop & Lightroom. The essence of this development is simple, you have a picture, you do not like it, the sk ...
211.23 MB
Ansel 1.0
It is powerful photo editing software for photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists. Its intuitive interface and robust features offer a seamless editing experience for beginners and profe ...
86.28 MB
Voxeldance Tango
Voxeldance Tango
This is DLP/LCD 3D printing slicer software for figure makers, engineers, and designers. If you are a beginner, you can print successfully. It helps you eliminate the risk of failure. You can autom ...
250.15 MB
YOGA Image Optimizer
YOGA Image Optimizer 1.2.4
It is a versatile tool offering various features to meet your image optimization needs. This software does everything from reducing file size to improving image quality. This user-friendly software le ...
24.63 MB
Zoner Photo Studio X
Zoner Photo Studio X 19.2403.2.542
Zoner Photo Studio X helps you take control of your photos. It is a complete toolbox for managing and processing digital photos. Acquire pictures from your camera, organize your archive, and edit and ...
238.99 MB
Penpot Desktop
Penpot Desktop 1.0
It is an open-source design and prototyping platform. With this tool, users can enjoy the familiar environment of a desktop application while accessing all the powerful features.
52.61 MB
X-Ability Winmostar
X-Ability Winmostar 11.8.2
It is an all-encompassing solution, using MO, DFT, and MD calculation solvers as its backend. It handles calculations, provides pre- and post-processing functionalities, and robust file and process ma ...
38.18 MB
Heribert Cypionka Picolay
Heribert Cypionka Picolay 24.04.13
This software has features that make photo editing and manipulation a breeze. It offers everything from basic tasks like cropping and resizing to more advanced options such as color correction and spe ...
4.14 MB
Oryx Digital PerfectTablePlan Professional
Oryx Digital PerfectTablePlan Professional 7.0.0
It is a versatile software that simplifies complex seating arrangements and event planning tasks. It allows users to create detailed seating layouts, manage guest lists, and optimize seating arrangeme ...
60.71 MB
NPS Image Editor
NPS Image Editor
It is designed for both beginners and advanced users. Its interface resembles the familiar layout of Microsoft Paint, making it easy for anyone familiar with that program to jump right in and start cr ...
16.28 MB