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Sante DICOM Viewer Pro
Sante DICOM Viewer Pro 14.0.2
This is a professional DICOM viewer, anonymizer, converter, PACS client, mini PACS server, patient CD/DVD burner (with viewer), etc. It is not a "yet another DICOM viewer" constructed with freely avai ...
161.17 MB
NCH ClickCharts Pro
NCH ClickCharts Pro 8.61
Flowcharts provide a unique way of organizing and displaying data, making even highly detailed and complex processes easier to understand. Moreover, this makes our flow chart software an ideal meth ...
5.72 MB
Sante DICOM Editor
Sante DICOM Editor 10.0.2
This is a professional DICOM editor, viewer, anonymizer, converter, deionizer, PACS client, mini PACS server, patient CD/DVD burner (with viewer), etc. It is a unique program with unique capabilities, ...
163.98 MB
Network Network LookOut Administrator Pro
Network Network LookOut Administrator Pro 5.1.7
It is a powerful, easy-to-use network monitoring software designed specifically for Windows operating systems. It allows administrators to remotely monitor and control all the computers in their netwo ...
40.86 MB
Cash Register Pro
Cash Register Pro 3.0.3
It provides all of the functionalities that you need to keep track of your inventory and sell your products using your phones, tablets or computers as it/inventory system. This desktop version runs on ...
16.40 MB
ThinkAutomation Studio Professional
ThinkAutomation Studio Professional 5.0.985.2
ThinkAutomation Studio for Windows PC. In today's fast-paced digital world, businesses constantly seek ways to automate their processes, improve efficiency, and reduce manual tasks. ThinkAutomation St ...
144.21 MB
Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition
Worksheet Crafter Premium Edition 2023.2.8.245
Create your own worksheets. Quickly and easily. Create perfect teaching templates, worksheets, and classroom tests for basic and special students in just a few clicks. Craft your own worksheets in a f ...
853.92 MB
Mestrelab Research Mnova
Mestrelab Research Mnova
MestReNova (Mnova) is the natural evolution of the very popular application MestReC. Whilst including all the NMR processing and analysis functionality present in MestReC, it is a completely new devel ...
464.62 MB
XMind 2023
XMind 2023 v23.11.04336
XMind ZEN has a fresher look and feel. When editing, you can quickly open, close, and switch views with just one click. This feature increases your work efficiency and improves your mind-mapping exper ...
144.05 MB
This satellite tracking software aims to help you monitor and observe the position of artificial satellites in real time. The tool can offer predictions about satellites’ passes and Iridium flares. ...
22.64 MB
Edge Diagrammer
Edge Diagrammer 7.18.2188
EDGE Diagrammer is all you need for block diagrams, flowcharts, org charts, family trees, data flow diagrams and more. Free extension packs are available to provide support for many different diagramm ...
7.50 MB
WizFlow Flowcharter Professional
WizFlow Flowcharter Professional 7.18.2188
WizFlow lets you define shape "styles" using over a hundred predefined shapes and arrowheads. Save your styles in diagram templates to establish your own diagramming methods. WizFlow comes with comple ...
6.07 MB