Tools & Utilities

VovSoft CSV to VCF Converter
VovSoft CSV to VCF Converter 1.7
Convert CSV files (created by Microsoft Excel or other compatible software) to VCF vCard files. VCF files store information regarding your contacts, enclosing vCards (Virtual Business Cards). Desig...
6.08 MB
TriSun Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus
TriSun Duplicate MP3 Finder Plus 16.0.38
This program quickly finds the duplicate audio on your drives relied on their content; you can remove the unwanted audio as you expect to recover your valuable disk space, reduce the management costs ...
1.11 MB
Provalis Research QDA Miner
Provalis Research QDA Miner 6.0.11
This is an easy-to-use qualitative data analysis software for organizing, coding, annotating, retrieving, and analyzing collections of documents and images. You may use this qualitative data analysis ...
60.95 MB
Total Registry
Total Registry 0.97.1
This is a multi-featured Registry editor and viewer. It provides improved features over the built-in Windows Regedit.exe. If you worked within the Registry and wanted a little more functionality, this...
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BreezeBrowser Pro
BreezeBrowser Pro 1.12.3
This program is a powerful and versatile browser-based tool for viewing and manipulating digital images. It is a fast and straightforward way to browse and select from your growing collection of digit...
20.07 MB
Remo OST to PST Converter
Remo OST to PST Converter
An OST file is an Offline Storage Table created by Microsoft Outlook to save a copy of Outlook mailbox data from the Microsoft Exchange server, which can be easily accessible to you when there is no i...
29.93 MB
Registry Workshop
Registry Workshop 5.1.0
This is an advanced registry editor. It is a perfect replacement for RegEdit and RegEdt32, which shipped with Windows. In addition to all the standard features, it adds a variety of powerful features ...
13.02 MB
Chaos Intellect
Chaos Intellect 10.3.1
It is not just an email client but a complete contact management system. There are many user-requested features in this program, including appointment calendars, Task lists, Memos, and entire network ...
10.92 MB
Four Dimension Technologies CADPower
Four Dimension Technologies CADPower 22.23
This is a pure-productivity tool for the .dwg CAD user. It provides you with over 400+ Lisp routines and tools that you always wanted but found missing. It is designed to super-charge and boost produc...
35.73 MB
VovSoft Batch Translator
VovSoft Batch Translator 2.1
It can translate multiple texts at once. The current version supports IBM Cloud Language Translator which can translate up to 1,000,000 characters per month for free. Supported languages: Arabic, B...
6.51 MB
Password Generator
Password Generator v3.8 (by Gaijin)
This software helps you generate random passwords, which is the most secure way to protect your accounts. It can generate WEP and WPA2 keys for Wireless LAN (WLAN). It will also analyze the security o...
144.20 KB
Edge Remover
Edge Remover 1.0
You can effortlessly remove the Microsoft Edge browser from your system, in just a single click, with this non-UI, straightforward application. Non-UI approach and its inherent simplicity offer straig...
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