Posit RStudio Desktop
Posit RStudio Desktop 2023.12.1.402
It offers a wide range of functionalities tailored to the needs of data scientists, statisticians, and programmers. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, this IDE provides the tool...
205.25 MB
Aptakube 1.6.4
It revolutionizes Kubernetes management by offering a user-friendly desktop client that simplifies connecting to and managing multiple clusters. Its modern interface and intuitive design make it easy ...
8.98 MB
Acreom 1.20.1
It revolutionizes the way developers manage their personal and team knowledge. Consolidating essential information in a single location eliminates the need to sift through disparate documents, emails,...
114.57 MB
Pinegrow Snapshots
Pinegrow Snapshots 1.1
This software simplifies capturing static HTML snapshots of dynamic web applications. It allows developers to freeze a moment in their web development process and create a snapshot that can be easily ...
111.78 MB
Kubeshop Monokle
Kubeshop Monokle 2.4.4
It streamlines Kubernetes YAML configuration management, providing a unified platform for developers and operators alike. Its intuitive interface and robust features empower users to effortlessly crea...
133.45 MB
VMware ThinApp Enterprise
VMware ThinApp Enterprise 2312
Using this program, you can create an initial system baseline, deploy or package software, and check for specific differences. Configuration of the project settings is also available. OS Migrations. Q...
13.33 MB
Heynote 1.6.0
It stands out as a versatile and user-friendly note-taking application that goes beyond the ordinary. At its core is a large, persistent text buffer divided into blocks. Creating a new block is as eas...
9.97 MB
AbsoluteTelnet 12.11
The tool stands out due to its robust security features, including the industry-standard SSH protocols that encrypt sensitive terminal session data. One of its prominent attributes is the new tabbed i...
9.97 MB
Flyscrape 0.6.1
This is not just another scraping tool. It's a powerhouse with features that set it apart. The tool operates seamlessly with scraping scripts, allowing users to articulate precisely what data they wan...
5.87 MB
VovSoft CSV to JSON Converter
VovSoft CSV to JSON Converter 1.1
This software provides a seamless data management and manipulation solution, allowing users to transform their data effortlessly for enhanced compatibility and usability. It caters to this need by off...
3.05 MB
RecipeUI 0.8.10
This is an open-source project to streamline the API discovery and testing process. With its user-friendly interface, developers can quickly find APIs, test them in real time, and share their experien...
6.78 MB
Mikrotik RouterOS
Mikrotik RouterOS 7.13.3
It is an easy-to-configure OS for dedicated routers. They are using the company's pavilion equipment software, which also has an x86 version. It allows you to configure your router easily. But at the ...
65.36 MB