Internet Utilities

Captcha Sniper X
Captcha Sniper X 5.17
This program can solve thousands of different captchas for popular platforms. This program can currently solves 3,625 built in captcha types with additional captcha types and updates being made regula...
136.01 MB
VueMinder Ultimate
VueMinder Ultimate 2020.07
Instantly access your appointments, tasks, and notes with a simple glance at a transparent calendar that sits right on your Windows desktop. Share calendars and reminders in your home, office, or onli...
52.33 MB
UltraViewer 6.2.98
UltraViewer is a remote control program for any computer that allows you to connect to it to become as if you were sitting in front of the screen The program allows you to quickly connect to anothe...
2.70 MB
This program is an Outlook add-in that helps you to perform Google calendars sync with Outlook as well as the contacts and tasks sync.
10.19 MB
mIRC 7.64
In multi-user group conferences or in one-to-one private discussions. It also has a powerful scripting language that can be used both to automate it and to create applications that perform a wide rang...
3.16 MB
WebDrive Enterprise 2019
WebDrive Enterprise 2019 Build 5368
Designed with IT managers in mind, South River WebDrive is easy to implement on a large number of desktops. With the ability to embed the registration code, pre-set the connections that your users nee...
47.09 MB
Ham Radio Deluxe
Ham Radio Deluxe
Ham Radio Deluxe supports most radios that are on the market that have CAT Control built into the radio. The HRD Logbook allows you to make contacts and simultaniously log them onto the computer’s h...
117.69 MB
Outlook Attachment Extractor
Outlook Attachment Extractor 3.10.10
Among other things, powerful filters, individually definable storage folders and the possibility of subsequent processing are available. The location where it stores the files contained as email attac...
8.34 MB
BitRecover EML Converter Wizard
BitRecover EML Converter Wizard 8.9
Professional PST Migration Tool facilitates the secure conversion of PST files in Outlook to Gmail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail and many other popular file formats with attachments pres...
31.44 MB
AirLiveDrive Pro
AirLiveDrive Pro 1.4.3
In an age where the Internet has solved most of our disk space problems via cloud storage services, it can become quite a hassle to manage all of them and their contents, especially if you are content...
13.20 MB
G Desktop Suite
G Desktop Suite 0.3.1
With G(oogle) Desktop Suite you can separate G(oogle) Suite from your browser and use it on your computer desktop. Use Google Drive and the Google office suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slid...
94.20 MB
Maxprog eMail Verifier
Maxprog eMail Verifier 3.7.7
This program benefits every e-marketer who owns large quantities of e-mail addresses and wants to check and verify them. The program works to delete fake e-mails and keep the real and effective e-mail...
78.74 MB